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My musical life began with the piano at age 8. My mother, who knew a little piano, started me off with what she knew. I very quickly caught on to it so much so that she put me into piano lessons. I played in my first recital that year playing two easy intermediate piano works.


My mother was only able to afford lessons for one year so I was forced to learn on my own from that point and take lessons in the public school system on a band instrument. I chose clarinet my 4th grade year, then saxophone my 5th grade year. Wanting to try another one my 6th grade year, I was encouraged to stay with one instrument for a while, so I chose to stay with saxophone through middle school.


In high school, my band teacher noticed my talent and introduced this funny sounding instrument called the oboe to me. With my knowledge of clarinet and saxophone, I took a method book home and quickly learned the oboe on my own. By the December concert I had learned enough of the oboe to play it during the concert amidst doing marching band with the saxophone as well.


I continued learning instruments my remaining high school years such as the bassoon for concert, trombone for pep band, and tuba my senior year to fill in for the tuba player who had graduated the year before. I picked up piano again and played it for jazz band for three years and participated in honor bands on the saxophone. I was also drum major of the marching band for three years.


In college I chose bassoon as my instrument of choice and double majored in Instrumental Music Education and Music Composition. I was hired as choir director of my church and acted as director and pianist/organist throughout my college years. I continue to play for various churches in Stanislaus County, though not as a director.


After college I immediately got married and temporarily moved to the Washington D.C. area for my wife's graduate studies. Looking for work, I contacted a local piano technician in hopes of obtaining a sort of apprenticeship on how to tune and repair pianos. I was in luck and trained for 6 months before starting my own piano tuning and repair service.


When I returned to California, I got hired at a local music store as a private music teacher and have been doing that ever since. I also once in a while play bassoon for local orchestras when my schedule permits and continue to play piano and organ for local churches. I play piano in a local Cumbia band and am also the music teacher at Central Catholic High School in Modesto.


Lessons Taught


Piano/Organ - Beginner to Advanced

Flute - Beginner to Intermediate

Penny Whistle - Beginner to Advanced

Oboe - Beginner to Advanced

Clarinet - Beginner to Advanced

Saxophone - Beginner to Advanced

Bassoon - Beginner to Advanced

Trumpet - Beginner to Intermediate

French Horn - Beginner to Intermediate

Trombone - Beginner to Intermediate

Tuba - Beginner to Intermediate

Violin - Beginner to Intermediate

Viola - Beginner to Intermediate

Cello - Beginner to Intermediate

Mandolin - Beginner to Intermediate


(group lessons are available on most instruments)


Other Lessons


Music Theory and Composition (Song Writing)

Music Technology lessons available on the following programs\apps: Finale, Sibelius, Audacity, Goldwave, Adobe Audition, Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS), FL Studio, Garageband, Mixcraft, Pro Tools, Band in a Box, Various Software Synthesizers, VST and VSTi plugins, MIDI, and 8 bit (video game music) production.