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Custom Windchimes (FAQ)

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Q: Can you make [name of song] into a windchime set?

A: Yes. Any combination of notes can be put into a windchime set. Just provide a title and/or artist or send a link to a recording and we can figure out the notes and best combination. Please be informed that a chime set tuned to the notes of a melody will still only play random notes based on the wind, so the chance of it playing the melody in the exact sequence is very remote.

Q: How many chimes can be put into a windchime set? 

A: I have made sets with as many as 15 but because of sizing issues I am currently only offering them up to 8. More notes are possible but if you are trying to achieve a windchime set that will play a specific song, the fewer chimes it has, the better.

Q: Why are yours so much more expensive than premade ones?

A: All the materials I use in my chimes are of high quality and chosen specifically for looks, durability, and sound. They are also handcrafted and made 100% in the U.S. Windchimes are musical instruments and history has shown that mass-produced instruments using cheaper materials simply do not sound as good and fall apart much faster. In short, you get what you pay for.

Q: Can you make chimes into notes with nonstandard tuning, i.e. just intonation, historic temperaments or microtonal custom tuning?

A: Any pitch or specific frequency can be achieved within the practical range (C4 to C8). Let me know what you want and figure it out or let you know it's impossible. By default, I use equal temperament for chimes made into songs and just intonation for specific chords. 

Q: Can I have the sail made into a [fill in the blank] shape?

A: Probably. If it is a shape that is can be cut out of paper with scissors and does not have many small lines or curves it can be done. Exceptions include, for example, a snowflake, a division symbol or a bullseye.

Q: Can the chimes be painted a certain color?

A: I provide the chimes in their natural metal color. If you want chimes in a different color, the best option would be to have them powder coated. Even industrial strength paint will chip away over time due to the knocker constantly hitting them.

Q: Can the other wood parts be painted?

A: I provide many wood color options both natural and stained but I do not offer painting as an option.

Q: Do you offer engraving of a message or graphic on the sail or chimes themselves?

A: Yes we do offer laser engraving on the sail only. This is not possible on the chimes, however.

Q: You speak of your chimes having high quality materials, just what are they?

A: OK, this isn't exactly a FAQ, but look at the pictures below and they'll tell you.

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