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St. Ambrose Responsoral Psalms

The St. Ambrose Responsoral Psalms is a project of mine aimed at reviving the organum style of singing liturgical music for the modern church. These are simple melodies written for two voices (with optional organ accompaniment) and are written in old church modes as such music in this style would be centuries ago.


Each response is written in a way that imitates the natural rhythm of the spoken word. Excepting important feasts and solemnities, the response melodies are syllabic (one note per syllable) whereas they are more neumatic (multiple notes per syllable) for the former.

The main goals of these are to provide music that hearkens to the ancient traditions of the Church as well as provide a means (or at least promote this often spurned concept) of not needing to have an accompanist to sing with.

These are free to use publically or privately as long as no alterations, arrangements, or re-transcriptions are made without the express permission and the copyright notice stays on each page. If you find these useful for your liturgical purposes, please consider making a donation.

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