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Please use the form below to request a quote on a custom wind chime set. Due to the high volume of custom windchime quotes, we may not be able to get back to your request for several weeks or even a month. Please be patient and your request will be responded to in the order it was received.

Please visit the windchime pricing page to get a general sense of what custom sets cost. When quoting, we use this same page to figure your price so there will be no surprises.

If you need help deciding on certain elements, here is a quick guide of usual recommendations.

Chime Metal: Aluminum is the usual choice for chimes and has a pleasing mellow tone. Nearly all other commercial chimes are made from aluminum, whether coated with color or not. Brass has a more bell-like tone and copper has a soft but tinny sound.

Support Wood: Maple is recommended as it is a harder wood resistant to scratching and cracking and also easy to stain due to its light color.

Support Shape: This is purely aesthetic, if no preference is given then "plain" will be used.

Knocker: Poplar sphere is recommended for chimes less than 1 1/2" in diameter. It is similar in color to maple so it can be easy to stain the same color (or go natural). Rubber knockers are suggested for chimes 1 1/2" in diameter or larger.

Sail: Poplar sail if maple is chosen for support or matched wood species if another wood for the support is chosen. 

Cord: Matched color to chain if possible. Black matches well with any metal. Silver, blue, or green for aluminum chimes. Gold with brass chimes and brass chain. Red may go well with brass or copper chimes if the wood has warm tones as well.

Chain: Stainless steel or black with aluminum chimes, brass or black with brass chimes, black with copper chimes.