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Piano Services

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Do your neighbor's dogs howl when you sit at the piano and play? Or maybe your cat just leaves the room with an annoyed look in her eyes? If this is the case, then maybe it's time for a piano tuning.


A well tuned piano will make the average piano sound better than an out of tune Steinway or Bosendorfer. Get your piano tuned by a quality professional at a reasonable cost. Discounts are offered for current piano students and non-profit organizations.


Have a sticky or sluggish key on your piano? Have you tickled the ivories so much that some fell off? Are you hearing mysterious buzzing, clicking, or rattling sounds from the unknown depths of the inside of your piano? We can fix that! If we can't fix it your visit is free. We offer fair rates on all your piano repair needs and no repair will ever exceed our cost estimate.


We currently do offer piano moving, however we are NOT bonded (insured) so any significant damage incurred that cannot be repaired by us will be at a loss. We have not yet to date had even a minor accident with moving pianos, but please be informed if you choose to hire us. We also only move short distances, within 1 hour of the piano's current location. Moving for an upright piano is $200 and for grands $225 plus $1.25 per mile one way.


Are you not too picky? Do you just want a usable, tuned piano in your home? Well then our piano scout service is just the thing for you! At any given time, many individuals, churches, and schools are giving away their used pianos for free. We will scout out a free piano for you, make sure they are in playable condition, move them to your house, and tune them all for the low low price of... well, we'll discuss that later.

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