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Custom Windchimes

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You have reached the internet's prime spot for custom-made wind chimes! These wind chimes are truly custom-made, not simply "customized" or "engraved" sets like some other (ahem) companies advertise.

Are you looking for a specific song that you'd like made into a wind chime? No problem!

How about expertly tuned and hand-crafted chimes that look and sound great (unlike those cheap dinky ones at the hardware store)? Look no further!

Our chimes are the only ones that are justly tuned for a sound that really pops out at you. Lastly, we are the only business that offers them in exotic woods such purpleheart and zebrawood.

So what are you waiting for? Please choose a subpage below and check it out!

Yes, even cats love our chimes!

"Oh. My. Gosh. They just got delivered today while we were on a vacation, so we have just been able to test the chimes tonight and they are amazing! Exactly what we wanted and my husband is OVER THE MOON excited!"

Julie, California


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