Hi there! You have reached the internet's prime spot for custom made wind chimes! My wind chimes are truly custom made to order, not "customized" or "engraved" sets like some other companies such as whimsical winds, hayneedle, or even etsy advertise. They are also of high quality like corinthian bells or woodstock, except they have personality.

So what are you waiting for? Please choose a subpage below and check it out!

"Oh. My. Gosh. They just got delivered today while we were on a vacation, so we have just been able to test the chimes tonight and they are amazing! Exactly what we wanted and my husband is OVER THE MOON excited!"

Julie, California


This is the main page for checking out the different options I offer for wind chimes and the custom wind chime quote form.

This page displays my regular wind chime models with pictures and audio recordings as well as the custom wind chime quote form.

This page displays some of the past custom sets I have made.

This page gives a general price list for custom made chimes if you would like to figure it yourself and not wait for a quote.

This page takes you to the wind chime tune simulator, allowing you to test note combinations to help you decide. THIS PAGE REQUIRES FLASH to be installed and enabled on your browser.


Q: Can you make [name of song] into a windchime set?

A: Yes. Any combination of notes can be put into a windchime set. Just provide a title and/or artist or send a link to a recording and I can figure out the notes and best combination.

Q: How many notes can be put into a windchime set? 

A: I have made sets with as many as 15 notes. More is possible but if you are trying to achieve a windchime set that will play a specific song, the fewer chimes it has, the better.

Q: Can you make chimes into notes with nonstandard tuning, i.e. different temperaments or microtonal custom tuning?

A: Any pitch or specific frequency can be achieved within the practical range (C3 to C8).

Q: What do the numbers after the notes mean on the quote form and tester page (C4, A5, B7 etc.)?

A: The numbers after the note names (ABCDEFG) are the octave in which those notes fall. The higher the number the higher-pitched the note is. C4 is "middle C" on the piano. The graphic below may help shed some light on it.

Q: Can you go lower than C3?

A: Can? Yes. Will? No. C3 is the lowest note that can be achieved without the chimes getting massive and impractical for shipment. This is due to the fact that with each lower octave, the chime diameter must be increased exponentially as well as it's length in order to achieve an audible fundamental note. A C3 aluminum chime must be 3" in diameter and 75" long and cost $138 alone for me to make. That's already too expensive for most people.

Q: Can I have the sail made into a [fill in the blank] shape?

A: The answer is probably yes. If it is a shape that is can be cut out of a paper with scissors and does not have many small lines or curves it can be done. Exceptions may include a lowercase i, a snowflake, or a division symbol.

Q: Can the chimes be painted a certain color?

A: I provide the chimes in their natural metal color, copper with patina, or black anodized aluminum. If you want chimes in a different color, the best option would be to order aluminum and have it powder coated. Even industrial strength paint will chip away over time due to the knocker constantly hitting them. I do not offer powder coating because it requires special equipment that I do not yet own.

Q: Can the other wood parts be painted?

A: I provide wood color options in a variety of stains but I do not offer painting as an option.

Q: Do you do engraving on the sail?

A: I plan to in the future but not yet. There are many places that can do that for you with a set you already own.

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