Hi there! You have reached the internet's prime spot for custom made wind chimes! My wind chimes are truly custom made to order, not "customized" or "engraved" sets like some other companies such as whimsical winds, hayneedle, or even etsy advertise. They are also of high quality like corinthian bells or woodstock, except they have personality.

So what are you waiting for? Please choose a subpage below and check it out!

"Oh. My. Gosh. They just got delivered today while we were on a vacation, so we have just been able to test the chimes tonight and they are amazing! Exactly what we wanted and my husband is OVER THE MOON excited!"

Julie, California


This is the main page for checking out the different options I offer for wind chimes and the custom wind chime quote form.

This page displays my regular wind chime models with pictures and audio recordings as well as the custom wind chime quote form.

This page displays some of the past custom sets I have made.

This page gives a general price list for custom made chimes if you would like to figure it yourself and not wait for a quote.

This page takes you to the wind chime tune simulator, allowing you to test note combinations to help you decide. THIS PAGE REQUIRES FLASH to be installed and enabled on your browser.

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