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My musical life began with the piano at age 8. My mother, who knew a little piano, started me off with what she knew. I very quickly caught on to it so much so that she put me into piano lessons. I played in my first recital that year playing two easy intermediate piano works...




I believe first and foremost that learning is hard work, and learning music is no different. Though many of my students would describe me as quirky and funny, I do not strive to be a "fun" teacher who tries to keep students constantly entertained. Students of mine are expected to work hard and through their labors music becomes more enjoyable to play, because it is achieved through accomplishment and not instant gratification.


I also believe that the teacher should also be the lifelong student. I am never satisfied with just doing things one way and sticking to it. I am always refining my teaching techniques, working out new exercises, and learning more about alternate pedagogical techniques on the instruments I teach. I employ in my teaching example, history, anecdote, creativity, unconventional mental exercises and lots of humor as well as employing the latest technology for learning purposes and adjust my teaching for different learning styles, personalities and temperaments.


A lot of music methods make some outrageous claims such as "learn piano 16 times faster than traditional lessons" or "the funnest and most effective method for learning violin" or other such nonsense. None of these are true because no method is right for any given person for any given instrument. Some methods might be better than others but none of them are the "best" method.


This is the approach I take with my music lessons. I tailor all lesson plans uniquely to each individual student. I am constantly developing new educational materials and revising ones I've already created to be able to handle each student uniquely and give them the direction they need to maximize their practice time at home and what they get out of each lesson.

I also utilize music technology to help meet these goals and look for unique ways of creating more opportunities for students to learn and grow in their musical journey, whether that means concert pianist one day or simply to enjoy playing for family and friends.

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Lessons Taught


Piano/Organ - Beginner to Advanced

Flute - Beginner to Intermediate

Penny/Irish/Tin Whistle - Beginner to Advanced

Oboe - Beginner to Advanced

Clarinet - Beginner to Advanced

Saxophone - Beginner to Advanced

Bassoon - Beginner to Advanced

Trumpet - Beginner to Intermediate

French Horn - Beginner to Intermediate

Trombone - Beginner to Intermediate

Tuba - Beginner to Intermediate

Violin - Beginner to Intermediate

Viola - Beginner to Intermediate

Cello - Beginner to Intermediate

Mandolin - Beginner to Intermediate


(group lessons are available on violin)


Other Lessons


Music Theory and Composition (Song Writing)

Music Technology lessons available on the following programs\apps: Finale, Sibelius, Audacity, Goldwave, Adobe Audition, Linux Multimedia Studio (LMMS), FL Studio, Garageband, Mixcraft, Pro Tools, Band in a Box, Various Software Synthesizers, VST and VSTi plugins, MIDI, and 8 bit (video game music) production.



Lessons are paid one month in advance due by the first lesson of the month. Lessons for one-on-one private instruction are currently $25 per half hour (subject to change). Last minute student cancellations are still charged at a reduced cost. Any teacher cancellations will be fully refunded or prorated whether expected or not.

For group lessons please contact for pricing and availability. Group lessons are paid in advance every 6 months and there is no refund for cancelling or dropping out. However, if a student wishes to drop out, their spot may be given to a family member or friend for the remainder of the 6 months.

Hope to hear from you soon!